Creative Team 2014


Creative Team Bios-01

SAMANTHA PEYTON:  “Hi everyone! I’m Sami! I’m a 20-something totally obsessed papercrafter. My hubby & I live in Champaign, IL with our 4 lovely dogs & 1 very loud canary (you can hear him in all my crafty videos lol). We recently moved here for hubby’s work & we bought our very first home! It’s been a very exciting time for us. I’ve been crafty blogging since 2008 & I update daily with a project or tutorial. I’ve been traditional scrapbooking & cardmaking for years, but this is my first year officially doing Project Life. I am absolutely in love with PL! I love the design process, color combos, capturing memories, learning new things, just everything. I can’t wait to start showing off Everyday Rituals goodness with you!”  You can find Samantha here:

DENISE VON MINDEN:  “My name is Denise von Minden and I am a part time librarian & full time crafter in Colorado. I am happiest when I’ve got some sort of creative project going on! I quilt, sew, and scrapbook during any free time that I have. I have three beautiful and feisty kids (including four year old twins) and my husband Mark and I will celebrate 14 years married this year. I love capturing the small moments of our busy days as reminders of how lucky and blessed we are.”  You can find Denise here:

LISA PETERSON:  “I am a 30-something mom to two perfect angels* and wife to Mark, the best IT guy a girl could ask for. In between impulsively starting overly ambitious new home improvements and playing with my DSLR you can find me ‘reading’ audio books while doing dishes or going a round on the treadmill. In my ‘spare’ time I practice law.  A devoted scrapper since 1997, I’m a recovering Creative Memories devotee with a paper addiction that may only be cured by going all digital – treatment I liken to shock therapy. I’ve been using Project Life to capture the Everyday since January 2013.  [*Lucifer was an angel too].”  You can find Lisa here:



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