About Us

Everyday Rituals is a collaborative blog created by Michelle Bostinelos and Sarah Kolbe. Michelle & Sarah met in Kindergarten in 1982 and developed a friendship through their mutual love of cabbage patch kids and drawing!  They remain close friends today while Sarah lives in New Jersey and Michelle is back in their home state of Iowa.

Whether it be from a Digital-SLR camera or an iPhone,  Michelle & Sarah make it a daily ritual to record their everyday lives. Everyday Rituals was created to inspire others to capture the everyday through photography and words.  At Everyday Rituals you will find inspiration, tips and tricks to recording life’s moments from both Michelle & Sarah.  You will also find hand-designed scrapbooking cards (by Sarah) to use in your memory keeping projects.

Thanks so much for visiting this blog!

Michelle Bostinelos | Co-Author/Photographer


Michelle is a busy working mom to three kids living in Sioux City, IA! She also has a wonderful husband that supports all her crazy ideas and adventures.  She works full-time as a Transportation Planner for a Council of Governments and spends her early mornings, nights and weekends on her photography business  and her personal blog. Michelle uses Becky Higgins’ Project Life  as her go-to way for memory keeping.  Find Michelle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram .

Sarah Kolbe | Co-Author/Designer/Photographer

Sarah Kolbe is an Interior Designer turned Fashion Designer turned Stay-At-Home-Mom to 2 1/2 year old Penelope and Wife to an amazing guy.  She is a midwestern soul living at the edge of New York City, across the Hudson River in Hoboken, NJ.  She loves graphic design, coffee, indie/folk/alt country music, mid-century modern everything, the ocean, nature, pattern, and her little family.  She finds inspiration in the seemingly mundane moments of everyday!  This is her journey in documenting those moments every week via her modern and graphic approach to storytelling.



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