Mixing Your Kits | Creative Team Member Denise

One of the blessings of having a system to scrapbook like pocket scrapbooking is the ease of gathering so many cards to accompany your photos. You can’t hardly go into a craft store or browse online without seeing new sets. What I love is that you can really sample a designer’s style and mesh that with your own tastes to create an album that is visually beautiful. Don’t be afraid to mix your kits. Pick one or two themes and search your stash for that thread that connects them together. I tend to use color, text, any repetitive theme in the photos to help decide which cards to use. This week, you’ll see orange (my favorite!), arrows, and a couple of word statements as my themes.



This week I received Sarah’s July cards designed for Everyday Rituals. I was immediately drawn to the cards with geometric designs like lines and arrows. I’m also in love with the woodgrain card and hoping to add that into my pages soon. We don’t do a lot of camping, but I immediately saw ways I could cut those card apart and use them!



When thinking about how to use Sarah’s cards with my other kits, I knew I needed some journaling space and cards that matched the rainbow colors of the hot air balloon. I also wanted to use the July card as my “date” card. I didn’t mark it because I’ve been keeping less track of going week to week with my spreads. I always print my photos first and then fill my empty slots with the 3×4 cards. I had five spaces to fill and used Sarah’s cards in 3 of them.



In searching my stash of cards, I found this perfect hot air balloon card also designed by Sarah from the spring kit. Don’t be afraid to cut up your cards or change the way they are meant to be used. I don’t use horizontal 3×4 cards so instead I used this card as a visual twin to the photo. I mulled over whether to add text, but decided to leave it as is because it tells the story just fine on it’s own.



I knew that I wanted to add this photo of my son in astronaut gear and that orange is my favorite color. The arrow card was in the July kit but I wanted to add a little something to it. From one of the camping cards, I trimmed off the hashtag saying and attached it on top of the arrow card with my sewing machine. The pop of orange helps draw your eye to my favorite photo!


I encourage you to play with your kits. Don’t be afraid to mix things up! Start by using the colors in your photos to help you choose cards that tie everything together. Cut things apart and make your kit work for you! The July kit available here at Everyday Rituals is full of cards that will look fantastic in your scrapbook!

credits// Denise von Minden, Creative Team



Friday Freebie | Camptacular Cards!

It’s that time again!  Time for another Friday Freebie!  Have you had the chance to check out our July “Camptacular” set of twelve cards yet?  The cards that conceptually revolve around all things Summer Camp?  You absolutely must!  The following set of six “Freject” cards didn’t quite make the cut, but they do such a great job of completing the set, that it would be a shame to not have the full set in your creative hands!  Without further adieu…

July Cards Friday Freebie-01

As always, send us an email at everydayritualsblog@gmail.com and within 48 hours we will revert with an email containing the printable and digital files for your use.  We look forward to hearing from you!

credits / Sarah Kolbe // Graphic Designer 

Everyday Photos | Texture & Pattern

As some of you might know, I am a little obsessed with pattern [this might be an understatement, ha ha!].  I love it, I can’t help it.  Possibly it stems from my background in Interior Design and Fashion Design.  Maybe it’s ingrained in me, who knows?  I seek it out everywhere I go and take note of my surroundings, always looking for repetition.  These days, I especially look for it as a potential backdrop in my photos.  It adds an instant graphic contrast in your page layouts, especially in contrast with other free form, organic photos.

Here are some recent photos that I took in the last 2 weeks that illustrate types of texture and pattern in everyday life:

Pattern Texture Everyday-01

Look for patterns around you everyday:

1] Flooring: A striped carpet or pavers in a patio or park setting.  Get an aerial shot.

2] Vertical: Look for brick backdrops or a fence, or other repetition in the vertical.

3] Look Up: Either, at the sky, or at the trees above.

4] Food: I am always prepping food or serving it on a plate, thinking about how I will lay it out.  Even popcorn in a bowl or something of that ilk has an amazing texture.

5] Look Around: You never know where pattern or texture is hiding in the everyday.  Sometimes you don’t even notice it in the daily until you remind yourself to start looking.

I challenge you to work some of these everyday patterns into your PL layouts, because they truly do add so much graphic contrast and interest.  These types of photos are also amazing if turned into Black & White.  These photos also yield well to different scales and angles.  The best part, for me, is that these photos are always part of my everyday story.  They are legitimately part of my day, I just simply look for a way to capture the moment in a graphic way.  Have fun and keep your eyes open!!

credits // Sarah Kolbe // Author | Photographer

Week 26 | Short & Simple

My week 26 layout was really short and simple.  Not a whole lot of photos. Not any embellishments.  Some photos, some cute cards, and words.  And really that is all I need.  Times are busy.  The summer is super busy!  Sometimes my focus is less on making elaborate pages (ok that’s most of the time for me) and more time just getting the photos printed and memories written down and calling it good and done.  I rely on the cute journal cards for that creative edge! I am so glad I had the June Everyday Rituals kit  along with a couple of Becky Higgins Core Kits, and Studio Calico Kits,  to help my pages along in the “creative department”.

One trick I have learned along the way is to make collages! Collages help to simplify a weekly spread, especially for someone like me that takes a lot of photos!  It’s super easy to just make 2 8×10 collages and slip them into a 8×11.5 page protectors, and call it good!  I used the app Pic Stitch for the collages in my week 26.

(click on images to view larger) 

Project Life 2014 | Week 26Project Life 2014 | Week 26


credits // Michelle Bostinelos | Author 

July Cards | Summer Camp!

What is Summer without Summer Camp?  Summer brings to mind a moment in my childhood when I spent a week at Camp Foster in 7th grade with my best friend Michelle (Coacher) Bostinelos, who also happens to be my partner in crime at Everyday Rituals.  We swam in a lake, hung out by the campfire at night, doused ourselves in mosquito repellant, and loved every second of it.   Summer = Instant Camp Nostalgia.

In the creation of the July edition of our Pocket Cards, I was inspired by all the things that make Camp, well… Camp:  Bows and Arrows, Tents, Trees, Campfire, Compasses, Canoeing, and Fishing.  The great outdoors and sleeping under the stars.  “Moonrise Kingdom”, the quirky camp inspired Wes Anderson film had me oozing and drooling with inspiration, especially with color.  The final set of cards as follows:

July Campy Camp Final Big Cartel-01

This set of Twelve 3″x4″ cards is currently available at our Big Cartel Shop.  There was so much inspiration for this set of cards that left so many cards cut from the final twelve… stay tuned for a Freeject Freebie next Friday for some supplemental cards!  Enjoy!

credits // Sarah Kolbe : Graphic Designer | Author

Week 25 | Mixing and Matching

Everyone has their own style when it comes to pocket scrapbooking.  Some go digital. Some paper. Some are very neat and organized. Some like lots of white space. Some like lots of colors.  There is no right or wrong way.  You just get to find your style and go with it.

For me – my style is mix matched.  I have a random collection of kits that I mash-up into one of my weekly layouts, for a look that is very unique, a little messy and totally me.

For my week 25 I actually used SEVEN kits! I might have just one card from each one  – but a card was in the mix.

Here are the seven I used:

1  June Studio Calico Project Life Kit


2. G’Day add-on kit


3.  Everyday Rituals Real Life Kit 


4.   Everyday Rituals June Kit:

5. Project Life Midnight Core Kit


6. Project Life Honey Core Kit



7. Project Life Craft Core Kit



Two of my friends and I did a swap with the core kits. We each bought a different kits (for a total of 3 kits)  and then split them each in 1/3! Which is working out great! For my first two years of putting together a Project Life Album, I only had one core kit – and I got a bit bored with it after a while.  Having a subscription to Studio Calico helps diversify too!  And of course the wonderful Everyday Rituals kits add fun and variety into my weekly spreads!

Here is a look at my week 25:

(click on images to view larger) 

Project Life 2014 | Week 25Project Life 2014 | Week 25Project Life 2014 | Week 25Project Life 2014 | Week 25


What’s your Project Life Style? What kits are your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know!


credits: Michelle Bostinelos/Author 

4th of July Freebie!

In an early celebration of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, I took it upon myself to design a few cards with the oh so obvious theme of stars and stripes along with the good ol’ red, white and blue.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am in an utter depression post-World Cup loss of the US Soccer Team.  No exaggeration.  Very sad about that loss, but so happy for that team in all that they accomplished!  In our family, we wore a lot of red, white, and blue along with a lot of stars and stripes during every match.

So here ya go:

4th of July Freebie-01

As always, if you love this freebie and want us to send you a printable [or digital] version, please send us an email and let us know: everydayritualsblog@gmail.com.  We will send you the files within 48 hours.  Don’t forget, we have other awesome things in our shop, so please stop on by and take a look!

Most importantly, have an amazing 4th of July holiday weekend!  I came across this quote, and thought that with everything going on this week, it was very fitting:

“I am involved in a freedom ride protesting the loss of the minority rights belonging to the few remaining earthbound stars. All we demanded was our right to twinkle.” – Marilyn Monroe

credits // Sarah Kolbe : Author | Graphic Designer